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How Soon Can I Retire?
Find out the soonest possible date you can retire from Federal service and still receive an retirement annuity.
CSRS Annuity Calculator
Includes early retirement, deposits, redeposits, life insurance, sick-leave adjustments, and special rules for law enforcement, firefighters, and air traffic controllers.
FERS Annuity Calculator
Includes MRA+10, early retirement, FERS transfer, deposits, redeposits, part-time service, and special rules for law enforcement, firefighters, and air traffic controllers.
Full Retirement Analysis
Includes the full suite of calculators, including future time projections. Also, you can save the data on your computer (or mobile phone) or upload this into to the calculator to save you time when you next run a scenario.
Thrift Savings Plan Calculator Calculate how much will your TSP deposits and future savings will be worth in 5, 10, or 20 years. Also includes allocation formulas for the automatic Lifecycle (L) Funds.
Military Deposit Calculator
Did you know your military service can increase your retirement annuity? Just compute how much you will need to repay for the deposit to receive service time credit.
Retirement Savings GAP Calculator
Are you saving enough for retirement? Run this calculator and find out!
Social Security Calculator
Find out how much your monthly social security check will be at retirement. To save data entry time, run this within the Full Retirement Analysis calculator and then save the data to your computer.

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